Actress dating boxer

In California, Swank enrolled in South Pasadena High School, dropping out later because of her ADHD and lack of interest. I didn't even feel like the teachers wanted me there.

Just a few months after he announced he was on the verge of dying because he was a ‘vicious’ alcoholic, Iron Mike has shaken up the sports world with the book — disingenuously entitled Undisputed Truth — that tries to sound repentant while at the same time wallowing in his thuggish, ugly life and all-consuming addictions to both drugs and women.

On television, she was cast as part of the main cast in the eighth season of the drama series Beverly Hills 90210 as single mother Carly Reynolds from 1997 to 1998.

Sporting success only got him so far, he writes, because ‘you just go back to who you are’.

After appearing on TV chat-shows and attending celebrity parties, Tyson would slink back to Brownsville.

There, he marvelled at his pimp friends and the way they kept their prostitutes in line — even beating them with heated metal clothes hangers.

The marriage lasted a year and included a shocking joint appearance on network TV in which a horrified Tyson sat next to his wife as she told interviewer Barbara Walters how he was out of control and manically depressed. Out of the passenger seat stepped a long-haired blond who Tyson initially thought was a woman.

Muqeem Bakhtari, known locally as Max, said 'joker' Joshua was a still regular at his Launderette (pictured), in Golders Green, north London, near the ex-council flat where the fighter still lives with his mother Asked at the post-fight press conference if he was 'ready for those people outside the Launderette' after his biggest win to date, Joshua said: 'I've got to pay my debt there, number one.

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