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This series covers some of the best known legends (although with the usual tv-style variants) and characters, and doesn't stray far from the central formation of Camelot.

This 2008 British tv series follows Merlin and Arthur as young men (and re-imagines them as the same age, rather than the more usual imagining of Merlin as much older than the future king), in the time of Uther Pendragon's rule.

This week, we got our first look at Charlie Hunnam as Arthur in the upcoming epic movie Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur, and he looks good.

In case you missed it, here's that tweet from Guy Ritchie again.

For more information, call (330) 264-2787, x201 email [email protected] Wayne Center for the Arts we believe the arts are a fantastic way to celebrate childhood.

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These events can be organized around dance, theatre, clay or visual arts activities for participants of all ages.

Those of the third table never left court and did not go on quests or in search of adventures, either because of illness or because they lacked courage.

These knights were called the Less Valued Knights.'Sir Humphrey du Val of the Table of Less Valued Knights - Camelot's least prestigious table, boringly rectangular in shape and with one leg shorter than the other so that it always has to be propped up with a folded napkin to stop it from rocking - has been banned by King Arthur from going on quests, and hasn't left the castle in fifteen years.

If you just can't wait that long for some knightly, sword-fightly action, check out some of these other movies, books and tv shows for some round-table goodness!

The first of two tv series of the same name, this 1998 series focuses on the legendary wizard and his battle with Queen Mab over the rule of England.

Casque & Gauntlet was ‘for men known in various lines of college activity and prominence, and who liked each other, to make their friendship more enduring by organization.’[4] There was, he stated: no claim of perfection among these men. Higher education, for one, had undergone immense changes following the Civil War: both the number of colleges and the number of students enrolled in them had increased dramatically.[10] At many of these places the common classical curriculum had given way to an elective one and, more important, young men increasingly went to them for the sake of its socializing experience in preparation for careers in business.[11] Larger classes, lack of a common curriculum, and success defined by the acquisition of potential business contacts provided ideal conditions for the spread of student fraternities.

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