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For applications that do App Store receipt validation, you'll need to use something other than Munki to distribute these applications.Related links: VPP and Managed Distribution: https:// https:// Q: How do I know if an application does App Store receipt validation? You'll know when you try to deploy it and it asks for authorization and refuses to run on deployed machines!

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Shipping times for the Air Pods are still at six weeks from the online Apple Store.Basic steps: When there are updates for the application, repeat steps 2-4 above.This technique will work for applications that do not do App Store receipt validation.Please read the information below regarding the corresponding issue: There are known audio performance issues affecting OS X versions 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11. El Capitan's latest update 10.11.4 did not resolve these issues although it appears to slightly improve some symptoms.However, after extended internal validation tests we were not able to confirm that the Apple Core Audio degradation issues are resolved with the latest update.Air Pods owners can check the version number in the Settings app by going to General -- Air Pods while the Air Pods are connected to the i Phone.

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