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They dated each other for the next two years and they called off their love life in Within few months after she broke up with Lance, Audrey began dating Matthieu Chedid. He is also known for being a composer and is famous for his work in Tell No One, Blague à part and so on. It was in her childhood days Audrey induced her interest in acting.

They broke up in She has never been married and there is no any information about her husband. To accomplish her acting dream, she joined Cours Florent where she studied acting.

This French actress and model started her career from the year 1996 officially but previously she was signed at the age of 17 by her agent within the industry across as a model.

But her official workings in television and movies features started after a year of it.

She has also established herself as a fashion model.

Five feet and three inches tall, Audrey Tautou was born as Audrey Justine Tautou in the mid 1970s in Beaumont, Puy-de-Dôme, France to French parents.

It is a movie about the crises we face as we hurtle towards 40, and Tautou’s character, a harassed single mother of two, is desperate for the leading man, an ex-boyfriend, to get back together with her.

“But there is no spark,” he tells her, as they lie in bed after an earth-shattering sex session in which she has urged him to, “Go deeper!

He is known in the film industry for his Special Effects.It was quite dizzying to express some dirty feelings! The director, Claude Miller, died shortly after finishing the film in 2012. Yes, I remember, but I didn’t know that I wouldn’t see him again. They also have really wonderful actresses there but not that many wonderful parts.I had planned to come back to see him at the hospital a few days later. We were talking about cinema; his eyes were sparkling. He was saying ‘If we go to Cannes, we will have to dress nicely’. It would be very difficult for me to find something else.Audrey Tautou has a discreet silver band on her wedding finger, but any inquiries as to whether or not it is an engagement ring are met with coquettish smiles and girlish giggles and, finally, an answer – of sorts. Since she won the hearts of just about everyone when she took the terrifically twee lead role in Amélie 13 years ago, she has done only two English-language films – The Da Vinci Code, with Tom Hanks, and Dirty Pretty Things, with Chiwetel Ejiofor – instead focusing on movies from her French homeland. In Mood Indigo (out on 1 August) she plays a young woman who discovers she has a water lily growing in her lung. It is set in a surreal version of Paris and was directed by Michel Gondry, of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fame. ” That the 37-year-old actress is playfully private is perhaps not that much of a surprise. She is here to promote two new films, both of which are the definition of interesting.She made her acting debut at the age of , she starred in the movies like Épouse-moi, Pretty Devils, Le Libertin and Happenstance.

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