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Edrian Woods currently works as an assistant to agent Lindsey Myers in the Music Touring department of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in Nashville.

Her primary role is serving as support in the fast-paced world of festival booking for various artists on the CAA roster.

While completing her Master’s degree in Music Business and Entertainment at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, Woods attended the Music Biz Convention in Nashville — which she credits for kickstarting her professional music industry career and ultimately leading to her position at CAA.

How did you hear about the Music Biz convention and what sparked your interest to attend?

To that end, it’s our great pleasure to invite you all - artists and fellow industry - to our first industry speed dating event of 2016, followed by a general networking hangout and three act showcase with Pat Dam Smyth, Joel Sarakula and He Is A Pegasus.

Thanks to Help Musicians UK for their support tonight covering costs, meaning we can keep this event free for all those interested.

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(In a separate ranking of all metro areas, the survey placed Flagstaff among the nation’s leaders in vegetarian options per capita, ranking seventh best.)“Sometimes when people find you're vegetarian, they think you’re a little bit snobbish,” said a speed dater named Andrew.Perhaps the best way to describe my experience in participating in the Day of Fosterly’s Media Match is to draw inspiration from one of pop music sage Katy Perry’s hits: I kissed a startup and I liked it.After meeting and interviewing more than 40 startup entrepreneurs in roughly two hours, I can safely say that the speed-dating format can be useful beyond the search for a significant other.Please Email [email protected] your requests, in order of preference.It would be a great help if you can tell us what you do (if it's not clear in your email signature) so we can try and plan who meets who most effectively.Last year, the conference signed up 520 registrants.

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