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Hispanic college men attending a Hispanic Serving Institution in the southeastern United States completed a survey and were interviewed about their HPV vaccine knowledge, and HPV vaccine information seeking behaviors.Although men quantitatively rated themselves as having some knowledge about HPV and the HPV vaccine, their interview responses illustrated their actual knowledge about both was consistently low.

If the facility uses a Contracted Prison Phone Provider and requires a prepaid account, set one up giving your new Inmate Call Savings specialized local phone number as your own phone number.

ABSTRACT: A planidium is newly recorded from Upper Cretaceous (Santonian) amber of the Taimyr Peninsula, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Siberia.

"Hooking up" with friends, strangers, and acquaintances is a popular way for college students to experience sexual intimacy without investing in relationships.

n.) from Burmese amber is described and evaluated with respect to its systematic placement.

Its features come very close to the presumptive groundplan of the order suggested in recent studies.

The collection of eighteenth-century grand manner British portraits that Hun­tington assembled, as a complement to his interests in British literature, remains unequalled outside of England.

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