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Cajun fiddle music is a part of the American fiddle music canon.

It is derived from the music of southwest Louisiana and southeast Texas, as well as sharing repertoire from the Quebec and Cape Breton Island traditions.

Cajun food is one of the most misunderstood cuisines out there -- usually it’s mistaken for extra spicy fish that’s been blackened (aka burnt) beyond all recognition, or anything with a little cayenne pepper thrown on top.

In most of the American pottery pieces, the bottom tells more than the glaze.

This is something that has to be developed over time.

It is not that any piece over a certain weight is American pottery–it is the relationship between the size and the weight that helps determine the country of origin.

Cajun music, an emblematic music of Louisiana, is rooted in the ballads of the French-speaking Acadians of Canada.

Cajun music is often mentioned in tandem with the Creole-based, Cajun-influenced zydeco form, both of Acadiana origin.

Have you ever wondered why some people turn every piece of pottery over and look at the bottom?

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