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Picked by volunteers as the world’s Top Volunteer Abroad Organization, African Impact is proud to offer multi-award winning volunteer, gap year and internship projects in 12 countries.

Our expert staff live and work with our amazing volunteers, ensuring we are the only choice for your volunteering adventure!

In the early years immediately following its foundation, METU was temporarily hosted in a small building that previously belonged to the Social Security Office of Retirees in Kızılay and another building near the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Sometimes it feels like no one really gets what it's like to be a teenager.

There’s a lot of pressure and expectations place on you; adults just don’t understand and sometimes are even patronizing.

He took the machine away for the night and brought it back working the next day.

She got a close friend who knew about computers to come and check it over.

Middle East Technical University was founded under the name "Orta Doğu Teknoloji Enstitüsü" (Middle East Institute of Technology) on November 15, 1956, to contribute to the development of Turkey and the surrounding countries of the Middle East, Balkans, and Caucasus, by creating a skilled workforce in the natural and social sciences.

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