Conor oberst dating jenny lewis

“Frankie played [piano, harmonica, or guitar] with most all of them,” Matteson reports, but not with Oberst or Lewis.

Twitter user @whtegrlinacrowd reports that Lewis and the Twins played three songs: “Rise Up With Fists,” “Melt Your Heart” and NAF song “Door.” Local music fan Tom Collins was there and reports, “I just enjoyed the looseness of the night.” He quotes one of the musicians: “‘We need a drummer.

Last night, a caravan of special guests — including Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst — performed surprise sets at the Clown Lounge (in the basement of St. Frankie Lee & Friends headlined the literally underground show; the bill’s “& Friends” turned out to include Lewis, the Watson Twins, Oberst, Har Mar Superstar, the Cactus Blossoms, the Pines, and more.

Last week, Lewis stopped by The Current and talked with Jim Mc Guinn on-air, saying she’s a “big fan” of Frankie Lee, Trampled By Turtles, and the Cactus Blossoms.

Tonight, she and the Watson Twins kick off a tour at the State Theater (tickets are still available), commemorating No opener has been announced yet, but with Oberst in town, anything could happen.

Lewis and Oberst have been friends for many years, and along with Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard, Oberst was featured on ‘s “Handle With Care,” a Traveling Wilburys cover.

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That’s not usually my type (I like friendly baby faces), but somehow it .

Lewis and her cohorts had exhibited an affinity for boomer-era rock on their own, and now they were deliberately connecting their work to their wizened forefathers. Unlike her peers, Lewis has fully grown out of her indie adolescence — her new, also excellent LP out next week, has a gravitas that is decidedly adult without ever coming off as forced.

Looking back, covering “Handle With Care” stills seems a little bratty … She’s still writing funny and smartly observed vignettes about searching for meaning in all of the wrong places — on the road, in bars, and in dead-end relationships.

“‘I’m trying to play a mentality,’ Murphy explains. I’m getting Cillian back.” ‘” Who’s your celebrity crush these days?

A mentality, he adds, that isn’t so easily switched off once filming comes to an end.

Looking at photos of him is like looking at the sun. My sister’s awesome dating tip, and the best TV shows these days.

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