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Raymond Weil watches are the epitome of style and quality.

These hand-made watches are exquisite timepieces available in a number of stunning collections.

All policies relating to shipping can be found at the following link: All domestic purchases on items showing as "In Stock" under ,000 using Amazon Payments, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover will receive a full refund minus shipping fees (calculated on or a full value one time exchange for a similarly priced item plus shipping fees.

Each timepiece is not only elegant, but holds class, style and excellence.

Authentic is one of the worlds largest Internet Dealers of genuine Raymond Weil watches.

Raymond Weil watches were first introduced to the world in 1976, when Raymond Weil founded the company while the Swiss watch making community was in shambles.

The difference in the higher priced versions may be subtle, but generally you are getting a better movement, higher grade of materials and finishing of the details, and the heritage behind a more established and respected brand (which can often equate to better service, in the event servicing is ever needed, plus more recognition/respect among peers, if that matters at all).

While I initially viewed Edox watches as overpriced, researching the brand changed my mind.

It's just not as well known, at all really, in the States, but it is a well-respected and well-established brand overseas, and is actually quite a prize to have on your wrist.

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