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For those who have only recently found themselves single, and who haven’t had to experience this brave new world for a while, it can be downright baffling. In the olden days, you might post an ad that said you WLTM (‘would like to meet’) someone DTE (‘down to earth’) for an ‘LTR’ (long term relationship). Being DTH means being ‘down to hang’ – literally, for some low-key chilling out.

And don’t people put personal ads in newspapers any more, looking for a partner with a GSOH who are up for a LTR? So let micro-blogging app True View guide you through the weird and wonderful acronyms that modern singletons are using to express their interest in each other…

If you think that getting flirty online these days is about long conversations, extended emails and ‘proper words’ think again, just as you’ve got to grips with YOLO, understood LTR and realised that LOL does *not* mean lots of love, there are new dating abbreviation on the scene. It started with MILF (‘Mum I’d Like to….’, let’s politely say, ‘Fornicate With’), but you can also have DILF (‘Dad…’), NILF (‘Nerd…’), and even, with the recent appointment of hottie Justin Trudeau as Canada’s new Prime Minister, PILF!

Depending on your taste, there is also a very popular acronym with an interchangeable first letter, depending on what kind of person is being described.

In 2014, it was an Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year runner up (the crown went to “vape”), and it became the first meme of 2017 when a Turkish chef seasoned his meat in the most extra way, earning him internet fame as “salt bae.” 2.

Benching: Someone is benching if they’re keeping their dating options open, AKA leading you on. Breadcrumbing: Breadcrumbing is the lazy person’s version of benching.

Note to prospective partners: The only time breadcrumbs should be involved is if you’re wandering into the woods toward a house made of candy or about to make some fried chicken tenders for dinner.

Otherwise, save your carbs for something worthwhile. Conscious Uncoupling: When Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced they were divorcing, they chose to describe it as a “conscious uncoupling” (the term was coined by a psychotherapist prior to that).

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