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During the late 19th century, Exeter became an affluent centre for the wool trade, although by the First World War the city was in decline.After the Second World War, much of the city centre was rebuilt and is now considered to be a centre for modern business and tourism in Devon and Cornwall.Speed dating in Exeter is a great way to meet like-minded Exeter singles.

Although the treatment of excavated data will form an important component of the syllabus, other types of evidence will also be considered. You will see many examples of the application of these techniques in archaeology today, from the scientific sourcing of the Stonehenge bluestones, to the treatment of the waterlogged wood of the Norfolk 'woodhenge'. This course will teach you about Britain in prehistoric times, from the time of Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, through the Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron Ages, concluding with the invasion of the Roman Empire.

Exeter City are pleased to be running a Level 2 meet on the 7th-8th October 2017 at the Plymouth Life Centre.

The meet entry pack is now available with the Hy-Tek file available to download here. Closing dates for Entry Friday 15th September 2017 Exeter City will be holding their annual Sprint meet on September 24th at Pyramids Leisure Centre Exeter. Hy-Tek entry file can be downloaded here Closing Date for entries will be Friday August 4th 2017 Exeter City Swimming club have formally objected to the new Leisure complex on the Bus Station site.

We will discuss common perceptions about these periods, as well as looking at what archaeology can tell us about the lives of prehistoric people.

If you are new to this subject area, this is a useful introductory ... If you are interested in this course, and you would like to be notified when registration opens for the next cohort, please email us at [email protected]

The administrative area has the status of a non-metropolitan district under the administration of the County Council; a plan to grant the city unitary authority status was scrapped under the 2010 coalition government.

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