Dating habits of the earthbound

If Budweiser is America's king of beers, then in St.

Louis, it's been the king, the queen, the godfather, the grand wizard and the tollbooth collector.

The Narrator begins by informing us that humans have a strange and complex mating ritual, and it is a wonder that they have not yet gone extinct.

So to aliens, the club where Billy and Jenni meets becomes a hunting ground, and the bouncer is the warrior who is appeased by their offerings of pieces of tree bark (cover charge).

A stunning, sexy star with an enviable array of dance moves, Carmen Electra has built an increasingly high-profile career primarily on her considerable erotic appeal while maintaining a nice-girl-next-door persona.

She gained fame for her appearances in Playboy magazine, on the MTV game show Singled Out, on the TV series Baywatch, and dancing with the Pussycat Dolls, and has since had roles in the parody films Scary Movie (as well as the fourth film), Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Disaster Movie.

Although she flopped with her eponymous 1992 debut album (produced by her purple-minded mentor) but later scored in 1996 by baring it all for the pages of Playboy and racking up guest spots on several TV series, including a stint on "Baywatch Nights." After succeeding raucous former Playmate Jenny Mc Carthy as co-host of MTV's popular dating game show "Singled Out" in the spring of 1997 (she also had a brief stint co-hosting the video network's late night sex and dating advice show "Loveline" that same year, she was tapped to fill the void left by a departing Pamela Anderson on the syndicated "Baywatch" that fall, sizzling in her red bathing suit for one season as Lani Mc Kensie.

I should also warn anyone interested in this film that while incredibly funny, the movie is rather erotic at times - how else are we to learn about procreation without a few risqu scenes. Ive recommended this film to quite a few people who all agreed - this film is well worth the watch.

The Narrator (David Hyde Pierce, Nixon, A Bug's Life) provides the hilarious commentary as the Male and Female meet, fall in love, and hopefully, mate.

Without the narration, Mating Habits could be released as a romantic comedy between two mismatched people, Billy (Astin), an accountant, and Jenni (Electra), and ultra hottie.

Even that granddaddy-grand-wizard-king wants to be part of the conversation.

Late last year, Anheuser-Busch began making experimental beers from its research pilot brewery available to the public.

After drinking all night, Billy spends the night throwing up his guts: The male tries to validate his existence and prove he doesn't need a female to mate.

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