Dating open car door


The way to access the lock mechanism would be to take off the inside trim.Problem is that the fasteners which hold the inside trim in place are only accessible if the door is open.

This particular Saturday she invited a guy a friend had set her up with along to a ball and, as one does when it’s a ball, went to a lot of trouble getting ready.

Since you have the interior handle off you might be able to take the door panel off backwards by popping the top lip out using a screw driver up through the hole where the handle sits.

If you can pop the lip out of the top of the door then you might be able to work your way down. here's a video showing how to remove the arm rest to get to screws holding the panel on.

Now, my friend (I’ll call her Emma) has a smoking hot career and earns a bundle of money.

She doesn’t need any man to pay her bills, rescue her or look after her in any way.

I didn’t think this google search would make me laugh so much.

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