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Plates-, basins, bowls and platters of English pewter frequently have a molding-like edge that approaches the gadrooning found on silver, and some of the circular pieces have serrated rims.Continental pewter items are still more elaborate in form and decorative detail.Tin is the fourth most precious metal in common usage after platinum, gold and silver.It is bright and attractive and extremely versatile.The Cobbler Shop Bed & Breakfast and Cobbler Shop Antiques is inside a beautifully restored 19th Century home decorated with antiques dating back to 1828.

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Pewter is available in a variety of finishes all ideal for the production of giftware, being highly practical and durable whilst also being easily engraved.

Tin is a plentiful natural resource and tin mining has little or no impact on the environment.

Our pewter is an alloy of tin, antimony and copper, tin being the main component at 92% (or in some cases 95%).

Tin in its pure form, whilst being the fourth most precious metal in common use today, is too soft for practical use.

We’re happy you’ve come to visit, and invite you to stop back often. Contact Sandy Worley or Paul Worley at 330-874-2600 for information on staying in one of our five comfortable rooms – The Cobbler Shop Bed & Breakfast offers five guest rooms – any of which can offer you a private bath with advance arrangements.

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