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Gemini and Pisces don’t exactly make a dream couple, except in a situation when they really do.When they are made for each other, they will know it instantly, but in all other situations any intimacy between them could seem as an impossible goal ...Cancer and Pisces belong to the element of Water and tend to share beautiful emotions, falling in love with ease.In order to stay together, they should aim for absolute honesty and stay out of a boring routine ...From the moment they gaze into each others' big saucer-sized orbs, they're hooked -- for friendship or more.A Pisces picks up on the sensitivity of a kindred born in the sign of the Fishes. Two Pisces are compatible as creative collaborators, friends or lovers.Leo and Pisces are two markedly different signs, conscious efforts to understand each other and to make adjustments are necessary in order for this relationship to be harmonious.Both of them are incurable romantics and can do well once they adjust to their different styles of love.

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Their best chance lies in a fairytale approach of Pisces that Leo partner will rarely decide to have ...

But if you're Pisces, you know you experience life differently, and maybe it's hard to put into words.

It's beyond being sensitive, to sensing things and having supernatural experiences.

He may appear to have his head in the clouds, but his thoughts are of the worldliest thoughts.

The lover of a Pisces man must possess an understanding of the way his quizzical mind thinks as well as the ability to not strap him to her insecurities or criticize him for the passions his spirit holds.

He is a jealous lover but treats his woman like a princess with all he has to give.

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