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Is there a way to remedy this without the need to recreate the groups?I have also enabled the OAL Generator diagnostic logging.You would now be at the E-mail Accounts dialogue, as seen below. After clicking ‘Change’, the Exchange Settings dialogue appears, from here you will see a greyed out text box (Containing Server name), a checkbox to toggle Caching on and off and finally another greyed out text box containing your user name. From here, ‘Cancel’ out and select ‘Finish’ on the E-Mail Accounts settings screen.If the checkbox is ticked, you are running in a cached mode. Of course, the following steps only apply to update a cached system. **Offline Address book data are saved first only on the Organization Mailbox** Then Once its got Updated it Serves the latest data to the Clients How to Force update the Offline Address book Additional Info – Type of Distribution used in Exchange 2013 Exchange 2013 Uses only One Type of Distribution –Web-Based Distribution 1 .

Where OAB is no more a single point failure in Exchange 2013 To See which Organizational Mailbox is storing OAB files – You can see – “Organization Capability OABGen” Then Its Copied over to the disk in the Form of LZX files Default Location: (Differs if you install Exchange on a Different Drive) C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v15\Client Access\OAB They will be copied to the disk in the Form of LZX files How to find the Offline Address book url , which is used for OAB Downloads From Outlook 2007 , Outlook 2010 and So on , Outlook Downloads Offline Address book using the OAB Url Web-Based (IIS) You got to Specify the External Url if you are going to use Outlook Anywhere using Set-Oab Virtual Directory Cmdlet To Find which OAB a User Downloads Go to a Client Machine Hold your Ctrl Key and Right Click on the Outlook icon – Click on Test Email Auto Configuraion Now Using Auto Discover , You can see the Offline Address book URL as listed below with the Correct Guid Value To Find the GUID Value of the Offline address book Client will Download their Own OAB depends upon their “Client Settings in Database Properties” If its not specified – By Default they will download the “Default Offline address book” Or If they have address book policies applied They would Download their own OAB respective to the Policy Now Depends on the Update Time “Organization Mailbox” will get updated on the Mailbox Server.

The offline copy of the Global Address List is the Offline Address Book (OAB).

It is created when Outlook is running in Cached Exchange Mode.

To initiate these updates manually, do the following: So that they can use their updated address book when they are offline. Outlook Connects to the Client Access Server for MAPI Connectivity.

But From Exchange 2013 Outlook Connects to the Client Access Server And the requests are proxied to the Mailbox Server Lets See what is happening in the Background In my Case all Roles are installed on the Same Server Offline Address book Generation Server will be a Mailbox Server.

In Outlook, select the ‘Tools’ menu and click on ‘E-Mail Accounts’.

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