Gok wan dating tips


I flirt with everyone - normally to get my own way."Asked for his flirting tips, he added: "Never give too much away, there needs to be a bit of mystery - and always make sure you're presenting yourself the best way you can.

When I first became famous, I was obsessed with reading what people thought about me and a very influential person in my life told me to stop doing it because not everyone’s going to like you. I’m not a straight-up presenter who goes to a location and talks about the situation – I talk about a very niche thing.The next step is to recognise what body shape you are. We all get stuck in a rut – we may know our hair looks good a certain way, with a particular outfit, but be brave enough to take a fashion risk sometimes.I divide women into eight categories of body shape:– Juicy Girl (pear-shaped) - Booty Babe - Petite Girl - Sexy Broad - Curvy Girl (hourglass) - Bellyssimo Babe - Cleavage Diva - Slim and Sexy It’s difficult to advise women in a general sense because most combine two or three of these. If you want help, take advantage of the personal stylists some stores offer. I wouldn’t say that – maybe the new Nancy Lam or Ken Hom but I’m not the new Martine Mc Cutcheon. I take women who have been single for a long time and teach them how to flirt, about self-esteem and, of course, I give them a makeover. Where else can you go and talk about yourself for three hours? When people talk about themselves too much and don’t take a second to work out anything about you at all. I left school at 14 and I was deemed to be quite thick and stupid and that motivates me not to feel like that about myself again.And, dare you even ask but what better place is there to find an ideal date than with Speed Dating in Clapham?

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