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Furthermore, Annastacia Palaszczuk became the first woman to win government from opposition in a state election (eventual Chief Minister Clare Martin led the Labor Party to victory from opposition in 2001 at an election in a territory).

The previous election saw Labor, which had governed the state for all but two years since 1989, suffer the worst defeat of a sitting government in the state's history.

Electors should be able to elect any one of their own whom they choose. Last Wednesday, the High Court declared that Bob Day of the Family First Party was not duly elected. Day was in a position to benefit indirectly, in a pecuniary way, from an agreement involving the lease of his electorate office by the Commonwealth.

In the court’s view, this rule is a constitutional bar not just to .

Legal and political scholarship often view each other in reductive terms.

However, as highlighted in the recent case of ., there are exceptions to this general principle.

One exception is where the fixed-term contract of employment provides for a severance amount that is immediately payable, or shortly thereafter, upon termination. Orr had worked for the Magna group of companies for 13 years.

Severance pay in either case was payable within 30 days of termination.

Orr started working for MEC in January of 2001, but by mid 2002, Stronach and the CEO of MEC were unhappy with Orr’s performance and decided to replace him as CFO.

This book breaks through such caricatures to provide the first full-length examination of whether and how the law of politics can match deliberative democratic ideals.

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