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This bass masters the iconic looks and sound that Rickenbacker basses are known for, particularly when engaging Rick-O-Sound, which provided a stereo output jack so that you can run each pickup into a designated amplifier.But whether mono or stereo this will grunt and growl like no other, although as Mc Cartney proved it can also sound very sweet.His latest challenge against Enbrel differs from other drugs he attacked in two important respects.JAPAN: Kyle Bass saw both the US housing bust and Greece's downfall coming.

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Why would a guy who deals in big numbers and sophisticated investing strategies bother with lowly nickels?The 4003 was designed to take care of that by adding extra meat to the whole neck.Of course this gave it a rather more substantial feel, so the new designation was justified.By the way adjusting the truss rods dont help, the wood has actually bent I think?Cheers guys, I'll take some pictures of it if you want, she truly is a beast! i think over the years it mighta got stripped out, or some moisture coulda got in there and screwed with it.Nevertheless, we think it is too soon to write him off just yet.

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