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One neighbor who opted for a locking mailbox was chagrined to find the entire box had been taken, she told ABC7.

Byrne said she had notified local police and US Postal Inspectors.

In another, she removes a piece of mail and then replaces it, apparently not sufficiently enticed.

In the most bizarre of the recent incidents, the camera shows the woman placing a letter from a neighbor's mailbox into Byrne's.

A financial-world heavyweight suspected that his wife was cheating with her office colleague, and he wanted to secure hard evidence.HOUSTON - A seven-year-old boy is beaten 62 times on his head, shoulders and body over five grueling minutes and it's all caught on hidden cameras at a northwest Houston dumping ground! "It actually made me feel nauseous in watching the video how sad it was," Rosen shared."The suspect got out of the car...the little kid out of the car...brought him around to the front of the hood-- and started just beating him relentlessly with a belt," Harris County Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen described. "This little seven-year-old kid was hit so hard he was knocked off his feet in many instances." About three hours later, deputies arrested Kordarell Williams, 27, and charged him with 'injury to a child.' Officials say hidden cameras saved the day!Gone are the days of looking for lipstick traces or sniffing out perfume.Suspicious spouses have an array of far more advanced techniques at their disposal."Saw this car pull up and saw the ensuing abuse of a child," Rosen revealed.

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