Homo thug dating


The two instantly fell in love and don’t care if the world knows.The two Lovebirds are planning on getting married soon but have yet to set a date.“I was in the streets at eight, nine years old,” Thug says. “I was going to school so my dad and mom would keep buying me clothes, but when I got out I did what I wanted to do – fighting, all kinds of shit.” A few years later, after a dispute over Thug’s classroom antics turned physical, he got kicked out of middle school. Skirts, tights and elaborate nail polish patterns, all are part of his wardrobe.Let’s make one thing clear: fashion choices don’t determine sexuality.After repeatedly wearing skirts and dresses, A$AP Rocky got mad and claimed they were just long shirts.

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He squawks, squeals and shrills through his tracks uncontrollably. In the words of the prophet Noz: But, perhaps the most interesting aspect of Young Thug’s career, is it appears he may be the first openly gay gangster rapper to achieve national notoriety.

Like A$AP Rocky and Kanye West, Thug wears a lot of effeminate clothing.

One longstanding rumor about Young Thug particularly is that he’s a gay man, a hearsay mostly developed via the rapper’s Instagram, which contains numerous pictures of Thug and other rappers with captions containing the words “bae” and “lovers” in reference to their relationship.

Recently sitting down with on Shade 45, Rich Homie Quan addressed the Young Thug/gay rumors and even fielded a question about his own sexuality.

You could be dressed as a human rainbow and be entirely straight.

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