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Some of the technical jargon can be intimidating, but it should not stand in the way of obtaining something that can greatly impact the company in a positive way.

I visited an advertising agency recently that had several clients, including one large wholesaler.

Free Mathematical Motion Background This motion background is simply mathematical!

Instead of your prototypical color blends and swirls, this motion background is heavily numbers-based.

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Read More » Free Technology Background “Health Monitor” Bring the drama of shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy into your own projects with this new background called “Health Monitor”.When creativity, content management and system design operate best they operate hand in hand together providing complete solutions complex live environments.– Projection and LED Mapping – 3D Interactive Design – 360º Widescreen – Immersive Presentations – Production, Lighting and Video Design – Programming & Operation – Content Creation FIX8Group provides a centre where these complex live environments and detailed productions come to life.Everything is explored, from the overall design aesthetic down to the tactile feel of every button, even the way they sound.That precise level of detail is applied to every element throughout the cabin and is a benchmark of refinement you've come to expect.We live in a 3 dimensional world so we think, design and work in 3D.

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