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As a resident of Palm Beach County since 1971, Barbara has been involved in the community through Little League Baseball, Cardinal Newman High School, Gold Coast Toastmasters and the Palm Beach Chapter of FICPA.

She is an avid reader, loves time with her grandchildren and enjoys traveling with her husband, George.

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His 30-year career in customer service brings a wealth of knowledge and value to the employees and customers of John C. Bill’s role carries over into customer service training for all employees, communicating to staff the company’s dedicated focus on customer needs and commitment to the highest levels of service. Cassidy Air Conditioning in 2007 as an accomplished “CPA working in industry” for more than 25 years, and possesses a high level of financial and business operations management experience.

Bill is a native of New York who relocated to Florida in 1995 with his wife of 30 years and their three children. With proven leadership abilities, strengthened by her previous business experience and her leadership involvement in Toastmasters International, she strongly believes in nurturing her Cassidy team members and building business relationships in the community.

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