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Thereafter, Kütahya became a border march between the Byzantine and Seljuk states.

It changed hands several times before becoming the capitol of the Kurdish/Turkoman Germiyan principality in 1302.

The branch of Al-Qaeda in Iraq, established in 2004, entered the security vacuum and took advantage of the increasing political-societal Sunni alienation: It became an important actor in the insurgent organizations fighting the American army, became stronger after the withdrawal of the American troops at the end of 2001, and spread to Syria after the civil war began in March 2011.

The establishment of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Iraq and Syria occurred in four stages: In ITIC assessment, historically speaking there are similarities between the results of the American invasion of Iraq, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

The study is structured in nine sections, SIS took root in the new era created in Iraq after the Americans took control of the country in 2003.

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