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There are different online dating sites that can help find each of these particular types of partners.Tone wise, Ok Cupid is relentlessly upbeat with tongue in cheek terminology and a pleasant aura of “we don’t take this too seriously and neither should you.”Amenities: Like all of these apps, getting starting with Ok Cupid is quick and simple.All you need is an email address and a (hopefully charming) username and you’re reading to get creepin’.Over at Pure Pedantry, Kara has a nice post on Goethe and game theory.While we’re on the topic of Goethe’s prescience, I’d thought I’d mention one of Goethe’s most important scientific contributions: his analysis of color.If a woman is tired of waiting to meet women and spending time on dates time after time to find that none of these women are potential partners, then she may want to try speed dating.

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