Liquidating diamond jewelry

Colored diamonds are among Earth’s rarest gemstones and specimens in general.

Supply is low, as a result of its rarity, and the demand is currently quite high.

They were so impressed with the gentleman that assisted them and even more so by the ring.

I was in meetings all day and snuck out to Face Time them while they were there.

The Army has taught me that good work deserves to be recognized, and you have been outstanding.

We are the Accredited Gemological Institute of New York City, an independent diamond and jewelry appraisal company, always at service for customers who are searching for jewelry and diamond appraisal.

During our years on the market, we found out that people are more and more interested to get appraisal for their jewelry, gem stones and even watches.

You can either pre-authorize payment to be sent immediately or we can contact you.

Once we notify you of the value of your holdings,we will mail your check by the very next business day.

Both yourself and Greg were truly helpful and I felt that you were very sincere with me.

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