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"It had my full name, it had the phone number to my place of work." When Craigslist employees were contacted about the ad, they removed the post.

A Cape Coral woman has rejoined her husband in jail on hundreds of charges of the sexual abuse of children, this time in Alabama.

According to the federal indictment, Zerrell Ross Fuentes, 24, worked with his wife, Brianna (Leshay Wright) or Fuentes, 24, and mother, Tanya Marie Fuentes, 53, in conspiring to recruit, entice, harbor, transport, provide and obtain three minors for sex trafficking between April and May 2016.

It happens after meeting, chatting and building a relationship with these strangers on the internet through social media websites.

Five-hundred new ads are posted soliciting sex in Charlotte every day.

The woman told authorities that she suspected Stewart because she had told police he was using drugs.

"My initial reaction was just anger, and then I realized how exposed I was," she said.

Jenise and Daniel Spurgeon are wanted there for allegations of abuse against at least 11 children, both their own and fostered and adopted children.

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