Most intimidating police cars


Alright, so there’s no additional performance bolted onto what is otherwise a standard GT-R, but nonetheless Nissan did brilliant job styling this one-off ‘Copzilla’ for the 2017 New York Motor Show.

Adorned with Skyline Metro Police Department motifs, the flashing lights and gigantic roof-mounted spoiler complete a terrifying look.

It suggests RCMP officers are not lurking in the shadows waiting to get you. So where’s this antagonistic ‘design of darkness’ coming from? Canada is among the most peaceful nations in the world, welcoming and celebrating diverse nationalities and cultures. And our police culture — how officers show up — needs to reflect who we are as a nation.

Is it a reflection of our police forces’ internal psychology and culture? That’s not just a stereotype of politeness, apologetic kindness and quick smiles, it’s a fact. We need officers to be community leaders, not prison guards.

The closer grey fades to black, the more dramatic and mysterious it becomes.

Many countries in Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, have used bright, colourful Battenburg Markings for decades to Fortunately, the RCMP, internationally known for its scarlet red uniforms, has maintained vivid colour schemes.

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The feature allows repairs to be made to the automobile after an accident without having to straighten or conduct major repairs to the vehicle chassis.You stomp on the go pedal, but seconds later a set of blue lights start flashing in your mirror.As you pull over a quick glance in your mirrors reveals the true horror. Yes, it’s the Met again, this time swapping the inner sanctum of the fortwo for the fresh-air thrills of a Piaggio MP3 scooter.Although the car is no longer produced, Ford continues to maintain the majority of market share for police cruisers in the country.As you approach the lights and they start to turn to red you can either slam on the anchors or mash the throttle and squeeze through.The white Baltimore police patrol car — a familiar presence on city streets for decades — is slowly being phased out and replaced in a new color: black.

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