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[from the Valley News]Women Veterans Working to Get Overdue Resources, Benefits - For years, women Veterans were unrecognizable in the community - Veterans services are very male-focused, and women often get pushed aside. [from SLR Lounge]Yes, You Can Fet Another VA Home Loan - The VA guarantees to reimburse up to 25 percent of the lender's loss if a borrower defaults.

Commentary: Meeting The Needs Of Every Veteran - The Deborah Sampson Act, a bipartisan bill recently introduced, seeks to improve the benefits and services our nation provides to our women Veterans -- benefits and services these brave women Veterans, and their families, have rightly earned and justly deserve.That was why we put some much effort into this particular piece.We knew that this story was something only we could write as techworld natives.Therefore, a key objective in the community health plan, “Roadmap to a Healthier Douglas County,” is to ensure more sidewalk and trail systems in the county.Local efforts already are underway to make this plan become a reality.That was when Guillermo stepped and came up with the brilliant idea to serve up different layouts based on the user agent.

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