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We’re either programmers, hackers, marketers, local businessmen, bloggers, and designers.All from different countries, languages and backgrounds nearly everyone has been here for years and what I think […]The past two years I’ve either been living down the depths of Bangkok Nana area, the middle of Ho Chi Minh City, or in the Center of Chiang Mai Tae Phae Gate.Escorts Pattaya is a premium escort service catering to the erotic whims and carnal desires of discerning gentlemen, ladies and couples looking for a little fun and companionship in Pattaya during their business trip or vacation.Once you have selected one or more of our stunning escorts to help make your fantasies come true, you can arrange to be met straight from the airport to ensure that you land on your feet but are soon relaxing on your back or nestled between the accommodating limbs or lips of a very attentive escort.Handpicked for their sexy figures and service-minded attitudes, all of our escorts are experts in the art of entertaining. From skillfully giving and receiving carnal pleasure to providing charming companionship for your holiday sightseeing, our adventurous and friendly escorts will make your holiday or business trip to Pattaya an erotically sensual adventure in paradise. Another convenience is the Nana BTS station is short walk away.Read More -- Another quite famous hotel, located in Pattaya is the Penthouse Hotel has the sexiest rooms in the city, made for sex the Penthouse hotel is often overlooked as it's in a soi that kinda gives people the creeps.

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Some of the girls have Korean roots, some are Mongolian look-a-like.

Many newbies to Thailand are are basically nerds with money who also have no idea the ways people can manipulate you into believing whatever it is THEY want.

Those that fall for a bar girl on arrival are headed for […]You know when you see that old perv with a super hot younger Thai girl by his side, that moment when you say WTF kinda moment.

However, one must always stay safe and secured in such cases.

If you meet a stranger who promises to take you to brothel based areas, do not trust the person immediately.

While Nana Hotel is far from the nicest hotel in Bangkok, it is one of the most, umm, friend friendly if you know what I mean.

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