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The financial managers work in private and public sectors often in small businesses like retailers, middle level businesses such as financial institutions to large scale businesses such as multinational companies.

The financial manager helps a client make careful considerations of all aspects in business before making a business decision.

The Finance Manager is a professional responsible for advising and supporting clients by enabling them to make sound business choices.

At the very least, a new employee should receive a copy of the job description within the first week on the job.

The Office of Admissions offers students a variety of opportunities to meet the required commitment for the work-study program.

The office also accepts deposits for the Loyola Express Card account and answers any inquiries pertaining to the account.

Services for the Loyola campus community include the disbursement of the University’s account payable checks and purchase orders, processing of departmental deposits and maintaining the university’s copy account.

Return to College Work-Study Assignments The Bursar’s Office uniquely services students, parents and the Loyola campus community.

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