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Predominantly built and funded in the UK, the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon will kick-start a new UK industry and future export market, present a wide range of opportunities for social and environmental regeneration and position low carbon power generation at the heart of the community.

The lower Russian River is a popular spring, summer, and fall destination for navigation and recreation.

Nova Scotia privacy commissioner Catherine Tully has launched an investigation into the use of webcam surveillance at a Cape Breton school that unintentionally broadcast hundreds of thousands of pictures of students to the internet.

A CBC News investigation revealed the security lapse that led to images recorded at the Rankin School of the Narrows in Iona ending up on the Russian-registered website, which displays links to thousands of web security cameras around the world.

From there the Russian River flows south, past Ukiah and Hopland, and crosses into Sonoma County just north of Cloverdale. It flows south past Cloverdale, Asti, and Geyserville. The river turns westward, where it is spanned by the Wohler Bridge, and it is joined by Mark West Creek north of Forestville, followed by Green Valley Creek to the south. In that area, State Route 116 parallels the river, bordering it past Guernewood Park and Monte Rio.

East of Healdsburg, Maacama Creek joins the Russian River. Austin Creek enters from the north before the River passes through Duncans Mills.

It is very safe at that time for swimming and boating, with a gentle current. Holway wrote of the Russian River in his paper "The Russian River: A Characteristic Stream of the California Coast Ranges".

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