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"We'll follow the old man": the strains of sentimental militarism in popular films of the fifties." In: Rethinking Cold War culture / edited by Peter J. [FIAF] Hollywood genres and postwar America : masculinity, family and nation in popular movies and film noir / Mike Chopra-Gant. These films reflect the popular understanding of genetics, DNA, [H]and heredity, a discourse that greatly influenced the conception of the body. "Pods, blobs, and ideology in American films of the fifties." In: Shadows of the magic lamp: fantasy and science fiction in film / Edited by George Slusser and Eric S. : post-holocaust novels and films, 1946-1964." In: Monsters, mushroom clouds, and the Cold War : American science fiction and the roots of postmodernism, 1946-1964 / M. 95Monsters, mushroom clouds, and the Cold War : American science fiction and the roots of postmodernism, 1946-1964 / Westport, Conn. Contributions to the study of science fiction and fantasy ; no. : space exploration and alien invasion films of the long 1950s." In: Monsters, mushroom clouds, and the Cold War : American science fiction and the roots of postmodernism, 1946-1964 / M. Yet the emergence of a rebellious youth culture in the middle of the 1950s challenges the notion that America was a 'consensus society' and exposes the limitations and fissures of the white middle class hegemony that the containment narrative worked to legitimate.Although the arts of the era did reflect the frailties of the human condition and the hysteria of the Cold War and Mc Carthyism, technological developments, the emergence of rock and roll music, and new artistic focuses also signaled the beginning of a new era. 'Images of rebellious youths have been portrayed in the 1950s films 'The Wild One' and 'Rebel Without a Cause.' An analysis of the films has revealed that the movie industry was not prepared to discard the societal norms of the decade. Through discussion of Howard Hawks's Red River and John Ford's My Darling Clementine, it shows how the western was well suited to convey important ideological rationales for postwar U. foreign policy, including the inevitability of American expansion and the strategies for hegemony that guided the Truman administration's foreign policy." "Masquerading as the American Male in the Fifties: Picnic, William Holden and the Spectacle of Masculinity in Hollywood Film." In: Male trouble / Constance Penley and Sharon Willis, editors. "Incredible/Shrinking Men: Masculinity and Atomic Anxiety in American Postwar Science-Fiction Film." In: Fear itself : enemies real & imagined in American culture / edited by Nancy Lusignan Schultz. "Discusses the New York City censorship debate over the exhibition of Italian director Roberto Rossellini's The Miracle during the early 1950's.Actors Marlon Brando and James Dean and Beat poets Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac reflected both the emphasis on authenticity and the rebelliousness that characterized the generation." [America History and Life] Contents Movies and landscapes / Mary Beth Haralovich -- Movies and the new faces of masculinity / Kristen Hatch -- Movies and the paradox of female stardom / Sumiko Higashi -- Movies and our secret lives / Rebecca Bell-Metereau -- Movies and the walls of privacy / Michael De Angelis -- Movies and growing up ... Contributions to the study of popular culture,0198-9871 ;no. The motion pictures have only represented the industry's ability to capitalize on social issues and the public's curiosity on the youth's responses to these issues, as portrayed by actors Marlon Brando and James Dean, in promoting social values during that period." [Expanded Academic Index] "Motion pictures' portrayals of human radiation experiments during the Cold War are discussed. Mc Farland & Co., 1991, c1988."Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and Female-Oriented Melodramas of the 1950s." In: Multiple voices in feminist film criticism / Diane Carson, Linda Dittmar, and Janice R. pp: 93-108 Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, c1994."The Prime of Miss Kim Novak: Struggling over the Feminine in the Star Image." In: The other fifties : interrogating midcentury American icons / edited by Joel Foreman. Urbana : University of Illinois Press, c1997."Several American films made during the Cold War years of the 1950's and early 1960's, such as Prisoner of War (1954) and The Manchurian Candidate (1962), portrayed American prisoners of war who were brainwashed by their Communist captors during the Korean War." [America: History and Life] A study of the daytime audience participation shows (such as "Truth or consequences" and "Queen for a day") that argues for their creation of a metaphysic of feminine presence through their linkage of studio space with home space. Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c1993. ': Vertigo, the Trope of Invisibility and Cold War Nationalism." In: Alfred Hitchcock : centenary essays / edited by Richard Allen and S. The film was originally deemed blasphemous by New York City Commissioner of Licenses Edward Mc Caffery in 1950 and the issue eventually went before the Supreme Court, which overturned Mc Caffery's decision and extended 1st Amendment protection to films.: [America: History and Life] A definition and discussion of the rise of the continental 'sex kitten' during the 1950's and why the English-speaking cinema was attracted by the foreign vamp. [FIAF] "Pictures from the Margins of Marriage: Representations of Spinsters and Single Mothers in the Mid-Victorian Novel, Inter-War Hollywood Melodrama and British Film of the 1950s and 1960s." Gender & History, 11 (2): 233-55 1999. Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green University Popular Press, c1990 "During the 1950's and 1960's, Roger Corman (b.

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Professor Gordon Lloyd agrees with Franklin that the Constitution did not achieve perfection but, rather, created a “more perfect union.” Description: Rap song teaches about great women of history! Anthony stood up for women's rights Harriet Tubman freed the slaves through the night Maya Angelou wise poet, there’s no surprise And in the Bible there was Mary the mother of Christ Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to get a med degree Mother Teresa blessed the world with her charities Clara Barton founded the Red Cross Amelia Earhart flew the Atlantic Ocean nonstop Uh, first woman to fly solo It’s a lot of influential women that you don't know Yeah, men and women ain’t nothing different Got to give credit to the women who was on a mission Yeah, okay Repeat Chorus Verse 2 Cleopatra queen of Egypt, she was just a teen Helen Keller blind and deaf, achieved many things Mary Walker, a doctor helped in the Civil War Dorothea Dix aided the handicap and the poor Joan of Arc led the French against the English Sally Ride, woman in space, very distinguished Margaret Sanger founded the Planned Parenthood Rosa Parks stayed in her seat and that was for the good Queen Latifah showed the world that women could rap And Hillary Clinton was almost President imagine that Sandra O’Connor, First women in the Supreme Court Lisa Leslie, first to dunk on basketball courts No woman dominated the track just like Flo-Jo It’s a lot of influential women that you don't know Yeah, men and women ain’t nothing different Got to give credit To the women who was on a mission Repeat Chorus Yeah, we got some ladies on a mission. Hey, I just wanna take a moment and mention some of the great women that I didn’t get to mention in the song. Yeah, yeah, we got some ladies on a mission y’all Yeah, you know my mama up in this, Ich liebe dich, mama I love you…absurd / Jon Lewis -- Movies and the crack of doom / Barry Keith Grant -- Movies and the search for proportion / Murray Pomerance -- Movies and allegories of ambivalence / Adrienne L. The Bond villains and Cold War heroism." In: The Devil himself : villainy in detective fiction and film / edited by Stacy Gillis and Philippa Gates. 73 "As Red as a Burlesque Queen's Garters: Cold War Politics and the Actors' Lab in Hollywood." In: Headline Hollywood : a century of film scandal / edited by Adrienne L. Issues addressed include the moral aspects of human experimentation, the film industry's production of Cold War films in conjunction with the US government, and actual cases of atomic testing on humans." [Expanded Academic Index] Nuclear Movies: A Critical Analysis and Filmography of International Feature Length Films Dealing with Experimentation, Aliens, Terrorism, Holocaust, and Other Disaster Scenarios, 1914-1990 / by Mick Broderick; with a foreword by Helen Caldicott. [FIAF] British war films of the 1950's and early 1960's have been largely ignored by scholars. "The Ideology of the 'Red Scare' Movement: Mc Carthyism in the Movies." In: Beyond the Stars / edited by Paul Loukides and Linda K. 1926) produced and directed for Hollywood's American International Pictures a succession of surrealist, absurdist, and socially critical films. "Science fiction movies of the 1950's, as close examination of the cinema adaptation of H. Wells' War of the Worlds illustrates, were metaphoric vehicles for social commentary.Mc Lean -- Movies and the racial divide / Arthur Knight. This article seeks to provide an exploratory discussion of the cultural and ideological significance of World War II narrative in British. Ostensibly aimed at the studio's teenage market, they subsequently became film cult favorites." [America: History and Life] "Space for Resistance: The Disruption of the American Frontier Myth in 1950s Science Fiction Films." In: Space and beyond : the frontier theme in science fiction / edited by Gary Westfahl. They reflected the social values believed to be in hazard during the Cold War and underscore the role popular culture plays in the assimilation of values and change." [America History and Life] "The conception of the body as a collection of rebellious parts is a popular one in a certain set of horror films of the 1950s [H]and early 1960s.The last time they had to deal with meeting a partner they were more concerned with getting pregnant than catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI).Still, the sex life of the 50-plus set is alive and well. We practically invented sex." At monthly gatherings called "Sex on the Porch," sex educator and coach Katherine Forsythe hosts an open forum for women 50 and older to discuss facebook: twitter: @Intellisense_ youtube: Intellisense zrt blog: spiceupscience.Description: Learn the Laws of Gravity in a rap video like NEVER BEFORE! 1687 Sir Isaac Newton Got this idea - why does the apple fall to the ground from the tree?

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