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An abuse survivor known as BYF told the hearings that in the 1980s he tried to disclose abuse at the hands of rector Garth Hawkins to the now-Archbishop.

In closing submissions published today, Counsel Assisting Naomi Sharp said it was not open to find Archbishop Aspinall picked up the clues or understood an allegation was being reported to him.

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BYF also told the hearings Phillip Aspinall had been aware of a predatory invitation to him from Hawkins."It is open to find that BYF's recollection is true and correct," she wrote in closing submissions."With the benefit of hindsight, it may have been prudent to take the concerns of his friend more seriously, but due account should be made for the fact Archbishop Aspinall was at that time a young man, with no experience in handling sex abuse allegations." A closing submission from the lawyers for Archbishop Aspinall wrote he was not in a position of authority until much later, and he took active steps to redress abuse in the church when he was in a position of significant authority.

Lawyers also submitted that it was unfair and inappropriate to make a finding that Archbishop Aspinall had even been aware of the incident BYF said he witnessed, given his evidence was that he did not recollect it.

Ms Sharp was critical of another high-profile clergy to front the hearings, Phillip Newell, who was Bishop of the Diocese of Tasmania from 1982 until his retirement in 2000.

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