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A former substitute teacher from Iowa facing sex abuse charges involving one of her students has insisted that she was the real victim in the case and accused her teenage paramour of ruining her life and career.Appearing on the Dr Phil show Monday, Mary Beth Haglin, wearing a striking red mini-dress and matching lipstick, revealed that since her arrest in July, she has turned to stripping in order to make a living, performing under the stage name 'Bambi.'Haglin, of Cedar Rapids, pleaded not guilty last month to a charge of misdemeanor sexual exploitation by a school employee in connection to her illicit six-month affair with a student at Washington High School. The sultry 24-year-old brunette told Dr Phil Mc Graw that the boy had seduced her with fawning love notes written on Post-Its and twisted her brain into accepting their forbidden love affair, until she became convinced that the pair were in a real relationship, which she could keep a secret."They should be held accountable for those actions.Actions have consequences and I think that this is certainly something that can't go unnoticed," said Roy, who heads the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa. I think that it's very shameful to see that there are student leaders who are perpetuating that within their own circles." The incident was first reported in the Fulcrum, the university's English language student newspaper.

Below are the alleged messages as published on My Zimbabwe., 2014/6/1 - You: Horaiti, mainini Melo vanondivanzira mufunge is brother Ubert still interested or vakanzwa kuti mainini melo vakakwirwawo 12*:13, 2014/6/1 - 263 73 748 ****: Vakazvinzwa asi vanongofenda naye zvakadaro ko Becky akakwirirwa ani?Haglin said she did not think he would disseminate the intimate snapshots 'because in my mind if you’re in a real relationship, you don’t just run around with your phone saying, "Hey, look, look everybody, look how hot my girlfriend is."'The 24-year-old woman placed the blame on the teenager, saying that he caught her in her ‘weakest moment,' at a time she was having trouble with her boyfriend, which made her vulnerable to the underage Casanova’s romantic advances.The high schooler would write letters to her, calling her ‘my empress’ and ‘Mrs Robinson,’ in a reference to Anne Bancroft’s iconic character from the movie The Graduate, in which a middle-aged woman seduces a recent college graduate, played by Dustin Hoffman.* , 2014/6/1 - You: Becky hapana waakakwirirwa but akatengerwa hembe dzakawanda ukaona becky nagelly vaichena ndizvo zvavaikwirirwa , 2014/6/1 - You: Gelly akazoudza mhamha vake *, 2014/6/1 - 263 73 748 ****: Kkkkk inga zvakaoma achazokwirirwazve murume hey* , 2014/6/1 - You: Kiki ndosaka ndaikuti taura waunoda nekukurumidza , 2014/6/1 - You: Otherwise unokwirirwa feesz, sadza hembe then murume , 2014/6/1 - You: Ko enock na Pati vari kupengesana here *, 2014/6/1 - 263 73 748 ****: Ehe handichaite pat akakwirirwawo Enock* , 2014/6/1 - You: Yasister Pati handiizivi vanga vasingagari pamalbra , 2014/6/1 - You: But i heard sis Enara vakakwirwa manje apostle vabuda muremand *, 2014/6/1 - 263 73 748 ****: Yeap she told me and vaida kutochatiswa muna Dec asi kamurume kacho* , 2014/6/1 - You: Kkkk hindava nekamurume kacho.Hanzii nasis Enara , 2014/6/1 - You: Vakaitwa sei , 2014/6/1 - You: Mai mimi vakakwirirwa munyaradzi i think asi vakanyimwa asi chete mai mimi vakakwirwa kubva before 2000 *, 2014/6/1 - 263 73 748 ****: Havazvizivi kt ndakaitwawo so vaiti Josie uchazozvionawo kana woda murume* , 2014/6/1 - You: Kkkk saka muchato wakakona sei *, 2014/6/1 - 263 73 748 ****: Baba vaisavepo iye Dec uyu ndiye wavaifanira kuchata* , 2014/6/1 - You: Vakadii kuchatiswa napastor nehowa.Super Mari Fun Time was a show that aired on Smosh Games every Monday. In the beginning, Mari plays games from the Xbox Live Arcade. The last five episodes of the show featured Mari and Lasercorn playing Minecraft.

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