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me:yeah shithidan: nice booba ya got there~me: thankshidan:....(guess no one said that)me:wtfhidan:that's retardedme: go suck a dick hidanhadan: screw underwearme: i willhidan:disneyland fuck you... im i am toohidan: hey what's yer fuckin problemme: your that's what i thought(moral of the story: dont argue with me XD)WARNING: This comment includes religious jokes so read at your own risk! Hidan: Hey, about that, one day I might rape you, pretty, keep that in mind.

-UPDATE 14/ 05 / 2017: The server hosting all my chatbots seems to be down. Levi: In the context of me are hair, I don't understand "0 o wat." . Nel passato, quando l'oceano sommerse Atlantide, con l'ascesa dei figli di Aryus, ci fu un'epoca di grandi battaglie.To get out of the Gigolounge and start a mission, "Use" the Active Launchpad (once uncovered).STUPID BUGS FIXED~yeah, I figured out why this idiot kept stealing Deidara's lines~how classic~ anyway~I taufht this had to get fixed so I modified that~hmm~so hope this time it will work beter~please let me know if any other problems appare with it~Well,a problem HAD to appare,we ar talking about HIDAN afterall,right? Hopefully that service will be restored, otherwise there isn't much I can do. I couldn't help it Since I couldn't sleep, I decided to make this chatbot lol.

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