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Because the Coast is a place full of diversity and influences from around the world, it makes them tolerant of other cultures besides their good human nature.

The other community with such a tendency are the Kambas.

It is located in turkana ,the population Kakuma Refugee Camp serves refugees who have been forcibly displaced from their home countries due to war or persecution.

It was established in 1992 to serve Sudanese refugees, and has since expanded to serve refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Eastleigh is a district in Nairobi, inhabited mainly by Somalis.

Clutching a shisha pipe in her right hand that is patterned with henna flowers, she blows thick white smoke that fills up the dimly lit corner of the restaurant.

The local Kenyan population is largely comprised of nomadic pastoralists from the Turkana community. Kenya as a country has been having a lot of peace since the year it got independence.Many Kenyan writers are encountering a lot of problems in their daily lives as they cannot write to the international standards required for good essay writing.It is therefore important that one puts into consideration number of factors that will be essential in delivering high quality essays.Most local women think Somalis living abroad, especially in the West, have lots of money.It’s easy for diasporan men to seduce them with cash, the perceived chance of a better life abroad or love. “I can even tell what you do for a living.” She and her friends reckon there are three types of diasporan men in Mogadishu. The government workers This group is mainly made up of former taxi drivers from London, Minneapolis, Toronto and Sydney who have returned home to work in government.Kenya has around 2.5 million citizens who are of Somali ethnicity, and hosts 464,000 Somali refugees.

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