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A source added: 'Everything is fine between Tessa and Sophie now but the plans didn't go without teething problems.

'They found it too much to organise on their own so brought in a wedding planner.

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However, the pair didn't get together straight away - their romance didn't start until a few months after their first meeting."She was living in New York and she had a boyfriend," said Cullum.

"Six to eight months later she moved back to England and obviously it became more after that."He also dispelled any stereotypes about supermodels being divas."One of the things people most misunderstand about her is that she behaves like a supermodel - I suppose you assume people like that carry this weight about with them - but Sophie is nothing like that, she's incredibly down to earth - she stands around in the kitchen drinking cups of tea and labouring over sentences - that's the Sophie I know and fell in love with."Choosing Animal Collective's as one of his Desert Island songs to illustrate the fact that "once you have a family, you create a unit and want to protect them", Cullum went on to admit that he'd find it "incredibly hard to cope on the desert island now that I've found my soul mate - we really do exist as a unit" - but added that "I'm an incredibly accomplished layabout and I'd probably just lie under a tree and get a tan".

Statuesque model Sophie Dahl and pint-sized jazz musician Jamie Cullum married in a lavish secret ceremony over the weekend, the Mail Online can reveal.

'Original plans focused around a summer wedding and then quickly changed to a winter wonderland theme with several venues being looked at before the final decision was made.

The supermodel-turned-author credited the jazz musician with helping her to create the perfect home life she had always dreamed of with their children Lyra, two, and Margot, 10 months, by giving her the support and 'emotional freedom' to pursue her goals.

A source said: 'Although the snow would cause most people to break down on their wedding day Sophie was thrilled as it capped off their winter wonderland theme perfectly.'Guests were banned from bringing their own cameras as they had their own photographer for the day.'They also decided against a magazine deal because Sophie was very keen on keeping their special day private and for themselves.'Children were banned from the event so that guests could enjoy the food, wine and entertainment without any hassles.'The wedding had been in the planning stages for many months but wasn't without drama.

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