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The owners of a lot of smaller companies don't realize how much of an impact search engine optimization (SEO) can have on their business.

Educate those business owners on the power of SEO to help transform their websites into a more SEO-friendly property.

The most common implied warranties are (1) the implied warranty of habitability, which generally only applies to new homes, and (2) the implied warranty of workmanlike construction.

However, implied warranties may be modified or disclaimed by contract.

Don't be intimidated if you're not a computer whiz – there are plenty of information sessions and courses out there for you.

Check out our IT training page to see what's available.

Anyone who sells legitimate business opportunities should give you detailed information.

If you possess a great deal of business experience and knowledge, why not create a business that helps aspiring entrepreneurs find success?You can use your skills to help new business owners get off to a good start and help experienced entrepreneurs keep up with demand.To show off your knowledge and skills and bring in clients, you can also write articles about business on platforms like Linked In.Running an online business can include buying and selling online, and providing an online service.A wide variety of businesses can be found online, in many different industries. If you have a unique product or idea, you can find a way to sell or trade it online.Does the homeowner have recourse against the contractor? Well, that depends on the warranty clause contained in the construction contract, if in fact, the contract contained a warranty clause.

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