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Switzerland is as much known for its natural beauty as for its commercial activities.The people here also depict the same breadth in interests and abilities.So, for you girls out there, is it just me, or have you found, when dating swiss men, that they are a bit...passive?Like, I find myself always having to suggest date ideas and make the plans, because the guys I date here seem to think that "chivalry" means letting the girl call all the shots.I heard that it's has got something to do with the region or cantons in Switzerland for that matter: in German swiss region people are more bored due to the weather which makes them more cold towards each other and ''alles ins Ordnung'' we live like robots...on the contrary towards Geneva, Laussane and Ticino people are more latino orientated thus warmer towards each other in relations representing so called ''macho culture''.

Good luck though, cause it sure is nicer to be with someone who makes your heart flutter than being alone on this dreary Sunday morning.. Now I am not particularly looking or chomping at the bit for a relationship but since I find Swiss men so conservative and "strange" as we could so call them, I was wondering if anyone has had some funny experiences with Swiss men or women? mind you, there are many foreigners around, also very nice ones... I'll not say how I know that though hahahahaha my suggestion is to post a note similar to this one.The Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey also found that the Swiss average sex 123 times a year, compared to the global average of 103, as reported by Swiss Info. While there is no amount of sex that is "normal," a healthy, active sex life can go a long way for relationship satisfaction. Punctuality is a huge part of keeping up with social graces in Switzerland.Previous surveys indicate that the happiest couples have sex about two to three times a week. Whereas in the United States, we often give our late dates the benefit of the doubt (the subway sucked! "People are also expected to show up on time for social outings, whether it's dinner at someone's house, drinks at a bar, or a party," Switzerland-based writer Catherine Mc Lean wrote in the Local.The Swiss aren't overly forward in new relationships.Trea Tijmens, the first certified matchmaker in Switzerland and founder of Success Match, told the Local, "The Swiss are the nicest people but perhaps not the most outgoing or spontaneous upon first encounter or chatty to complete strangers." That means they also steer clear of TMI. On our dating site you will find German-speaking single western men, including single Germans, single Austrians, Italian men from South Tyrol and, of course, single Swiss men, to whom we dedicate this page.

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