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Continue reading Presented without comment, only to say hahahahahahahaha! So, Jack booked a ticket for me to come visit him in San Diego, starting Tuesday.

Internet Dating Conference (Miami) brings together a network of professionals from online dating management, venture capitals, mobile / telecommunication companies, payment processors, marketing agencies, background search, publishers and online dating super-affiliates.

welcome to my “bits of life” cast So, for those of you who are new here: you may be wondering to yourself, “self, now what, exactly, is a “lifecast”? Tina and The Commuter Marriage featured on “Stay Happily Married” Did you know Dr. You can download it here: See Tina’s Photo Albums: tinatessina.Hear the podcast of Dr. Tina See summarizations of Tina's books on Dr.Tina on the Vicky and Jen Show "What Really Matters. Tina is the Adult Dating Expert on Couples Hear Dr.The author will share her personal story on how she turned lemons into digital lemonade when her long lost love, whom she wrote about in her book, returned to her after reading the book for the first time, 16 years after they had gone their separate ways and married others, only just days apart.The new edition of the book is available on Amazon and includes new dating advice and a fairy tale ending to help readers believe in love.Tina interviewed on “Turn On Your Inner Light” radio show Tina guested on "Topical Currents" WLRN Radio (NPR) Miami, FL, and you can hear the archived broadcast here (click on March 26, 2008 link). Tessina quoted in “Love: What Makes it Last” See Dr.

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