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IF YOU LIKE MY INSTRUCTABLE DONT FORGE TO RATE AND SUBSCRIBE For everyone having worried about their hardware setup, there is a website that lists hardware components and whole computer systems: For computer rigs: individual components: the above lists are for 10.5.2 and now 10.5.5, but for the most part the same rules should apply with patches and compatibility.

BY THE WAY you should be aware of if you are doing this for the first time.

at least 512 MB RAM at least 9 GB of free disk space A DVD drive for installation Once all of the essentials are taken care of, we can get to the nitty gritty.

I am now a Mac convert happily running OSX Leopard 10.5.5 on my hackintosh.

I was prepared for the worst to happen – kernel panics and all that.It will brick your machine and you will need to re-install Leopard again.The things you need for this project are as follows: High Speed Internet Connection (Useful if you want the disk image before the end of time) Blank DVD-R (or two, I'll get to that later) Nero, or some other program that allows the burning of disk images to blank media A Bit Torrent program such as Bit Comet or Transmission A computer with the following attributes: Processor with either SSE2, SSE3, or SSE2/3 capabilities.I was excited and my brain's circuitry was all jumpered with the adrenaline rush with not encountering a kernel panic as reported by others who attempted this exercise, so I was rather panicky and ready to wipe out and reinstall.But thankfully, presence of mind took over and I recalled I had a usb keyboard hanging around which saved me time and effort.(this is one point I think that needs cleaning up, I'd have to experiment more to see where this "dsdt.aml" should really be to avoid too much junk in the house)So I plugged in my mouse and got ready to log in.

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