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However, when you use this method, only option 4 (“Auto download and schedule the install”) is relevant to Server Core installations because of the lack of a graphical interface. To force Windows Update to immediately detect and install any available updates, run the following command: Wuauclt /detectnow Depending on the updates that are installed, you may need to restart the computer, although the system will not notify you of this.

It’s gotten quite good over the last few revisions, and I find myself loathing working on systems where it’s not been installed.is not included in Server Core installations—it is available in Windows Vista, Windows 7,and full installations of Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.In Windows Server 2012, you can use the Server Configuration tool (Sconfig.cmd) to configure and manage several common aspects of Server Core installations.To check the state of automatic update, use the cscript /au /v command. The following procedures summarize common administrator tasks for a server running a Server Core installation.The current Domain/Workgroup settings are displayed in the default Server Configuration tool screen.

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