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The sample EPA included here is stamped, and the stamps and signatures are shown circled in red. Details within it might describe specific powers it gives the ‘attorney/s’ beyond the general authority a standard EPA provides.Each EPA might also impose limits on what an attorney or attorneys can do.It is preferable to appoint someone who is a close relative or friend and well trusted.

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In addition, these countries have the right to require translation of the claims into one of their official languages.There are no complex instructions to follow and nothing to download or print.Our online questionnaire will guide you step-by-step through our convenient process.There’ll be a perforated stamp at the bottom saying ‘Validated’ and a stamp at the top with the date of registration.If the EPA is unregistered, it will lack these stamps but must still have been signed inside by the donor, one or more ‘attorneys’ (the people the donor appoints to make decisions) and witnesses.A registered LPA is simply the LPA form with certain marks added by OPG.

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