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It was rediscovered in the 15th century and in recent decades has been the object of intense study, excavation, and conservation.

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“You’re reliving it.”In fact, he explained, when Scott got a chance to try out the video, she actually stepped into her body, he said. Or, say, someone could create a musical experience where users get to sit right next to the performer.

But, “we’re going to get through it.”Investors think so too. “We wanted something more attuned to telling stories, [establishing] presence so you’re actually there, and there’s a more emotional connection.”Adds Gasking, “The ability to create a human narrative for storytellers comes to a fore in volumetric. “What 8i is doing is opening the doors to the future,” she says.

To date, 8i, which Gasking cofounded with Eugene d’Eon in 2014, has raised .8 million in venture capital to build a media platform around volumetric VR. If there was a way to capture real video of real things in a volumetric environment, to interact with and experience those things, we thought that would be really valuable. In 360 [spherical video], you’re stuck with the location . “360 video can be very beautiful, but it’s also an adaptation of technology from the past.

It’s also a demo of a new VR filmmaking technique known as volumetric capture that many say is poised to eventually surpass 360-, or spherical video, the method most commonly used today. She’s terrified, in fact, thinking about Reese as a teenager going out on dates with boys.

Here in Culver City, California, a small film-industry company town in the middle of Los Angeles, Scott is fighting back tears as she speaks to a future Reese, with more than 40 off-the-shelf cameras arrayed around the room recording her every word and movement.“Hi, Reese, it’s your mommy,” Scott begins. “There’s literally nothing in the world that scares me more,” Scott tells the dozens of cameras. With volumetric, everything’s possible.”De la Pena agrees.

To do so, it has hired team members with backgrounds at companies like Weta Digital, You Tube, NVIDIA, Google, Pixar, Microsoft Research, Digital Domain, ILM, and others. We met 8i, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.”Others have noticed, too, including the Sundance Film Festival, where 8i’s project, , featuring Scott and Reese, will be shown for the first time next month.“With spherical video, you’re placed in the middle of somewhere, like a concert . What 8i is doing is absolutely, fundamentally innovative.”The emotional component of volumetric capture is key. and she felt like she was holding her baby again.”By using 8i’s volumetric capture system, filmmakers can shoot VR content and then mix it with any kind of computer-generated environment they want.

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