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Some publications continue to churn out news that there’s trouble between Robert and FKA. ”, FKA further talked about the ugly side of being in such a high-profile relationship. The actor, on the other hand, simply chooses to take the high road.In a 2014 interview with loyalists who still believe in “Robsten,” FKA is a subject of vile comments. Not only did she describe this side as “awful,” but also something that makes her want to “smash” her face into the mirror. While he has knowledge of his fiancée’s situation, it seems that Rob would rather focus on showering her with love and reassurances instead of dealing with anonymous haters.Apparently, Robert is worried that someone in his inner circle is going to dish all of the couple’s secrets to the media.” has shunned the rumors that the two’s relationship is in trouble.The news debunking site also clarified that Rob and FKA, born as Tahliah Barnett, are not planning to elope.Well, then what do you make of the thousnads of actual prostitutes in this world, r5? Well...every executive is looking to work sex into the job somehow. Bradley looked miserable at the Oscars with his mother in that pink feather boa.They don't even get fame in the bargain--they just get a few hundred bucks. He seemed so fabulous...maybe he's bi.[quote]I don't understand why people always say this. It must suck watching all the other celebs parade around with their spouses/partners and you're the big closet case stuck with your mother.

It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn't have happened. She's a good person who just made a bad choice." Yeah!

As stories about the state of Kristen and Rob's relationship and Rupert's marriage to Liberty Ross continue to circulate, we're taking a look at the photos of Kristen's sexy July 17 afternoon with Rupert.

Kristen and Rupert drove around LA in Kristen's Mini Cooper, making various stops on the side of the road to kiss and cuddle.

The two were recently hit by a report that they want to exchange their vows in a secret ceremony. Wedding speculations about the couple are not surprising anymore.

Following the announcement of their engagement, many have been wondering about the wedding date.

News of Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal broke last week, as Us Weekly revealed pictures of the duo showing PDA.

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