Will updating my ram make my computer faster trust issues in the current dating world


Why is all my extra RAM marked as "hardware reserved" in Windows 7?

Turns out that the installed RAM was in an unsupported config -- On this machine, if you install 2GB chips, they have to be installed in triple, as referenced here (pdf).

That should help out some as for the task manager process I cant stress google google google enough and of course you should find an answer from someone here.

Ah one more thing try Tune Up Utilities it has a built in Start Up Manager, it looks like you have a lot of extras running in that screenshot.

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I added another 2 GB and windows reports that there is 6GB of physical RAM, but now 4GB is "hardware reserved". The video card is an n Vidia Quadro FX 580, so it shouldn't be using any shared memory at all.

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But i've noticed another thing, in the task manager there is something called "hosting service: local system (17)" which sometimes takes up to 550MB memory and after like 10 min its down to 90MB.. Here is a picture i took in the process explorer I do not know enough about tasks to give an opinion there, but a good place to start with any new laptop is uninstall all of that bloatware that comes installed and boots with your system for no good reason but advertisement.

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